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In Europe in the last 4 months the COVID-19 crisis has brought not only grief and suffering but also a new food emergency. The demand for food has increased by up to 50% compared to the pre-coronavirus period.

Now millions more people are in need and for the first time they are asking for help to put something to eat at the table. The outlook for the coming months is certainly not better.

Food Banks operating in Europe have done everything possible to continue the redistribution of food to the charities and in the last months their activities doubled in order to meet all the new requests.  

Your contribution to the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA)*, will enable Food Banks to recover and redistribute more safe food to charitable organizations that assist deprived people throughout Europe.

Thank you for your support! You can make a real difference in your community!

* FEBA brings together 430 Food Banks and branches which are committed to prevent food losses and waste and to feed the most deprived. In 2019 FEBA members recovered, stored and redistributed 768,000 tons of food (equivalent to 4.2 million daily meals) to 9.5 million deprived people through the collaboration with 45,283 charitable organizations and thanks to the professionalism of 32,280 co-workers (84% volunteers).

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