COVID-19: from health to social emergency

A Social Emergency Fund to secure the activity of European Food Banks

In these challenging times, from Tromsø to Malta, from Lisbon to Kiev, European Food Banks across Europe are doing what they do best – recovering surplus food to assist charitable organizations and feed people in need.

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting Europe hard. The current health emergency will most likely be followed by a social emergency due to an economic crisis.

In such situation it is necessary to respond to the emergency today but also to plan a set of actions to meet future challenges.

For these reasons, the European Food Banks Federation is launching a European COVID-19 Social Emergency Fund, an effort to secure the activity of European Food Banks.

The COVID-19 Social Emergency Fund is established to support the activity of the European Food Banks Federation and its members during the Covid-19 crisis and to meet costs or financial obligations that may occur to address the social emergency in the near future. This Fund is essential to ensure European Food Banks can support charitable organizations and to the most vulnerable people in our society.

We call on corporations, foundations, organizations, and private citizens to join efforts and contribute to the funding of the European COVID-19 Social Emergency Fund.

We need the commitment of each person for the good of all, to tackle this crisis today and tomorrow.




Challenges and urgent needs of European Food Banks due to COVID-19

Report of the survey conducted amongst European Food Banks
European Food Banks remain open to prevent food waste and redistribute food. They are operating in a new and increasingly complex environment: an increased demand for food, a shortage of volunteers, a drop in financial resources. Today their support is more and more essential to meet the needs of charities and those most in need.

Donors & Supporters

It is in challenging times like these that illuminate just how indispensable Food Banks are to communities across Europe, and the world. General Mills is proud to support the hunger fighting work of the European Food Banks Federation.
Nicola Dixon
Executive Director, General Mills Foundation
For well over 10 years Kellogg's has been inspired by the work of Food Banks, and we have taken great pride in the way we've worked together to help people in need. During this time of crisis, we are very happy to provide extra support so that Food Banks can do what they need to redistribute more food to more people in need.
Bruce Learner
European Social Responsibility Manager, Kellogg Europe
Such an unprecedented time underscores the critical importance of a safe, affordable food supply, particularly meat, milk and eggs. And the needs are growing. There is no better time than during an urgent philanthropic need to launch our newly created Elanco Foundation to deliver on our promise of health by increasing access to healthy animal protein for all people. We challenge everyone to help us ‘fill the banks'.
Jeff Simmons
President and CEO, Elanco
Our mission is to empower global change agents in food and nutrition. It is our hope that this donation will help empower European Food Banks to continue to do this important work within our communities here in Europe.
Erin Kappelhof
Managing Partner, Eat Well Global
TI has been cooperating with FEBA for several years. In these challenging times it’s even more important to support the ones who are in need the most and to help FEBA keeping up the wonderful work they’re doing. Therefore we’re more than happy to join forces with FEBA, to donate as a company and to coordinate donations of our employees in Europe.
Andreas Schwaiger
Managing Director, Texas Instrument Germany
Our hearts go out to all those already affected by COVID-19’s rapid spread. At BlackRock, we are committed to supporting people impacted by this global crisis, especially in the communities where we operate.
Our partnership with FEBA is more important than ever before. With the spread of COVID-19, Food Banks across the globe are stepping up to meet the various needs of people most impacted by this disease. We are so grateful to work alongside European Food Banks, as it is going to take a global effort to roll back this pandemic and the surge of food insecurity it will bring.
Lisa Moon
President & CEO, The Global FoodBanking Network
We can all see the impact that coronavirus continues to have around the world on communities, businesses and our lives. Taking care of others is the very essence of who we all are in hospitality and working with our colleagues, owners and charity partners to offer food, supplies and safe accommodation is a natural way for us to be there for our local communities in these difficult times. At IHG, our own sense of community has allowed us to pull together and I’m proud that our long-standing values have shone through in doing what is right for those around us, and delivering True Hospitality to those who need it most.
Keith Barr
We recognize that now, more than ever, vulnerable populations across Europe need the support of organizations like yours. We are proud to support the European Food Banks Federation and the work you are doing to support the citizens of Europe facing hunger in these unprecedented times, and we praise your employees for their selflessness and dedication to helping those in need. Through your network of Food Banks, the European Food Banks Federation’s efforts are making a palpable impact in the communities where our employees live and work, and we are grateful for the sacrifices of your employees and the overall efforts of your organization.
Edward S. Nekritz
Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, Prologis Inc.
Our longstanding partnership with FEBA and the Food Bank members under its umbrella has always been underpinned by a shared goal to nourish the world. That shared purpose has never been greater than now, with vulnerable individuals and families facing food insecurity at unprecedented levels. We’re inspired by the Food Bank heroes part of the FEBA family – many of whom are volunteers – working every day to ensure Europe’s Food banks do what they do best, by adapting to the new realities we face in this health and social emergency with compassion and resilience. We are proud to join with FEBA and hunger relief organizations around the world to continue to help feed people in our communities.
Isabel Dimitrov
Community Engagement Lead for Europe, Middle East & Africa, Cargill
Digital Realty is committed to supporting the communities we operate data centers in globally, in combatting the COVID-19 crisis—including across Europe. Our thanks go to the European Food Banks Federation for all that they are doing at this time.
Digital Realty
At Symphony, we are proud to have made a contribution to the European COVID-19 Social Emergency Fund. COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis and we must continue to work together, to connect, and to support one another.
David Gurlé
Founder and CEO, Symphony Communication Services

If we are in a good situation, we should not only be proud of what
we have achieved. We should also think about others, who have not been so lucky. Also our situation can change every day. So let's help each other to become a better world.

Michael Baldauf

Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH

I want to help the European Food Banks to redistribute food to charities and people in need during the COVID-19 crisis. This is urgent.

Alexandre Titinsneider

Texas Instruments

Keep up the good work!

Martin Volkers

Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH

I want to help others.

Negoslav Bagic

Texas Instruments

You are doing an important job in Europe as well as our local town. My company support FEBA because you operate in all the countries and cities we have offices.

David Prosser

Texas Instruments

For me supporting FEBA is so important because you are helping those who are in need the most. Kudos to FEBA and their partners for all the amazing work you do!

Andrea Hauptfleisch

Texas Instruments

During these days of Covid-19 a lot of people might have lost their income and/or job. I wish that this donation helps to provide meals to people who need our help.

Giuseppe Mazzoleni

Texas Instruments

I want to help those who are less fortunate during this ongoing global COVID-19 crisis.

Matthias Nieraad


I decided to donate for the European Food Banks as the COVID-19 crisis is impacted citizens across the European countries. The European Food Banks helps those citizens in needs across these countries and have a network and volunteers available to provide such support. Keep up the good work!

Eduard Woltjer


I want to help people get through the Covid crisis.

Mark O'Shaughnessy


With this donation I would like to help poor people go through this period.

Alex Negrea


I used to collaborate with different AID associations, and how can we not collaborate right now with a situation like this...the situation is quite dramatic right now in Europe and specially in my hometown, Madrid. Let's pray for those who're suffering in a hospital and hope that they can get well soon.

Pablo Alvaro Herrera


I want to help the Italian community particularly in the south of Italy where there is much food poverty.

Edward St.John

Viva displays ltd

In this very difficult time when COVID19 is exacerbating the plight of the low income and poor of Europe, a network of food banks will be a life saver for families in need of consistent nourishment.

Roland Joffe

Lightmotive LTD

I want to support people in need during this pandemic.

David Bernstein

I simply want to help people who are in a difficult situation at the moment.

Gregor Fleischhauer

Texas Instruments

If who can doesn't help who cannot, then there is something wrong in our society.

Vincenzo Pizzolante

Texas Instruments

I think all the people who are on the sunny side should help.

Hansjoerg Spuler

Texas Instruments

I still receive a paycheck, can work from home, and have a garden. So many others have none of these.

Carl Willis

Texas Instruments

We already have a Community Involvement Team in place where we regularly organize donations to our local Food Banks. Therefore we want help also during COVID19 crisis.

Cosima Hruza

Texas Instruments

I want to help Europe get through this. If I have extra, I want to support those who can't provide for themselves.

Priscilla Gomes

I want to support those in risk of inadequate food supply.

Lisa Nielsen


I believe in the work of Food Banks and have volunteered here in across the pond in NH with a Food Bank before. It’s not much, but it’s what I can do. 

Paul Condarcuri Jr

In April, I had to participate in a charity race organised by one of my school's associations. The amount collected was originally set to go to Faro's Food Bank.The race being cancelled, I despite decided to send the money I collected to a Food Bank.

Marilou Hugros


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COVID-19: Stepping up EU’s response to alleviate the effects of the crisis
MEPs adopted additional measures so that EU funding can be granted immediately and with exceptional flexibility to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
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About the European Food Banks Federation

The European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) is a European non-profit organization and works in collaboration with 24 Full Members and 5 Associate Members in European countries.

For almost 35 years, FEBA mission has consisted in representing its membership at European and international level, supporting and strengthening Food Banks in Europe by providing training, sharing best practice and knowledge, and developing partnerships, and fostering the creation of new Food Banks.

FEBA brings together 421 Food Banks and branches which are committed to fight against food waste and to feed the most deprived. Our members provide 4.3 million meals each day to 9.3 million most deprived people through 45,700 charitable organizations thanks to the professionalism of 31,700 co-workers (85% volunteers)

In addition to surplus food from the food supply chain, FEBA members also redistribute food from the Fund for European Aid to the most Deprived (FEAD) and the Fruits and Vegetables withdrawal scheme, as well as from individual donations.

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