The Arania Group has added the “Generating Actions” programme to its business activity, which encompasses all actions aimed at being an active and transformational agent of society. 

“Generating Actions” arises from the aspiration of creating a better future for everyone and it motivates us to work towards this. Generating Actions covers solidarity and committed investments, as well as awareness, training and education programmes as engines of progress and social well-being.

The health emergency, which has marked our society for almost two years now, has left in its wake an international social disaster, impoverishing many families. Our aim with Generating Actions is to collaborate together with the tasks that the European Food Banks Federation performs thanks to its network of more than 300 Food Banks in 29 European countries that redistribute food to charitable organisations helping those most affected and disadvantaged members of society.

We therefore invite you to collaborate in our “Every kilo helps” campaign supporting the activity of Food Banks in those countries in which we are present: Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Slovakia. 

The campaign will run from 1 to 17 December.

After it has finished, the Arania Group, from Generating Actions, will donate twice the amount collected from its employees. A joint effort to fight against food poverty and reduce food waste. 

Choose the Food Bank you want to support and MAKE YOUR DONATION through this platform.


Companies must end up having a positive impact on their environment. If not, this is not sustainable, society won’t accept them

Eric Arana - Arania Group

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* Established in 1986 and based in Brussels, the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) is a European non-profit organisation and works in collaboration with a network of Full and Associate Members in 29 European countries. FEBA brings together a network of 335 Food Banks which are committed to prevent food waste and reduce food insecurity. The daily activity consists in recovering, collecting and redistributing food to charities assisting the most deprived. In 2020 FEBA Full Members recovered, sorted, stored, and redistributed 860,000 tonnes of food to 12.8 million deprived people through the collaboration with 48,126 charitable organisations and thanks to the professionalism of 37,016 co-workers (85% volunteers).

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