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In 2020 the members of the European Food Banks Federation redistributed food to 48,126 charitable organizations helping 12.8 million people in need, with a +34.7% increase in comparison with 2019.

The COVID-19 crisis has deep socio-economic impacts in Europe. The members of the European Food Banks Federation are doing everything possible to continue the redistribution of food to the charities and meet a growing food demand. 

Your contribution to the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA), will enable our members to recover and redistribute more safe food to charitable organizations that assist the poorest in our communities and people affected by the COVID-19 crisis throughout Europe.

Thank you for being part of this effort. Your support can help us to make a real difference!

Please note: for tracking and reporting purposes, all donations will first be sent to the European Food Banks Federation and then disbursed, at the end of the campaign, to the local food bank beneficiary you have indicated in your donation form.

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* FEBA brings together 335 Food Banks and branches which are committed to prevent food losses and waste and to feed the most deprived. In 2020 FEBA members recovered, stored and redistributed 860,000 tons of food to 12.8 million deprived people through the collaboration with 48,126 charitable organizations and thanks to the professionalism of 37,016 co-workers (85% volunteers).

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